4 Cleaning Tips for Eid al-Fitr

4 Ways to Get Your House Eid al-Fitr-Ready

Eid Mubarak! With the holy month of Ramadan winding down, Muslims across the world are preparing for Eid al-Fitr, a celebratory feast that marks the end of this month of fasting.

But between family, school, work, or any other daily obligations you might have, finding the time to do some cleaning prep can be tough. That’s why the SWOPT Cleaning team is here to help make housekeeping a cinch so that you can enjoy the holiday a little bit more. Today we’re bringing you four of our favorite, no-fuss cleaning tips, so get ready to bust out those microfiber mops!


Sweep and Mop Communal Areas

Picture this: you’re in the middle of Al-Fajr when suddenly, you notice a thin, dusty film coating the floor of your home’s communal area as the sun creeps over the horizon. The good news is you can avoid this scenario completely by simply giving communal areas a thorough sweeping and mopping before your guests arrive. Depending on what type of flooring you have, you’ll want to use different floor cleaning methods, so double check before you bust out the cleaning equipment.


Clean Out the Fridge

One of the best parts about Eid al-Fitr is the endless procession of tasty food. That’s why making sure your fridge is ready to handle the traffic is super important: guests will likely be in and out of the fridge for most of the holiday, so it needs to sparkle. The key tasks to take care of here are:

  • Cleaning out old food
  • Reorganizing condiments and other remaining items
  • Making room for new items
  • Getting rid of unwelcome smells or odors

The first three are fairly straightforward, but how do you get rid of that off-putting, fridge-y smell? One solution is to place a bowl of unused coffee grounds somewhere inside. Like baking soda, coffee grounds are an inexpensive and effective deodorizer, making them great for when you need to freshen your fridge in a pinch.


Stamp Out Carpet Stains

Don’t forget to get those unsightly stains out of your carpet before your guests have the chance to leave new ones. But if you don’t have time to get a carpet cleaner to your house, you can DIY carpet stain removal pretty easily. Once you’ve got your water, white vinegar, towel, and iron ready, follow the steps below to get your carpets looking good as new:

  1. Apply the water and white vinegar solution to the stain(s).
  2. Lay the towel flat over the stains.
  3. Iron over the towel with your iron on the highest heat setting.
  4. Leave the iron on the towel for a few seconds so the stains can lift.
  5. Enjoy your newly cleaned carpet!

The science behind this is fairly simple: the steam loosens the stains and lifts them out of the carpet fibers and into the towel. Double check that your iron is on the highest steam setting before you start.


Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

Manage the volume and traffic of your guests by opening up access to your backyard. Not only will this give everyone a little more room to spread out, but it also allows you to entertain in the warm spring weather. If your deck looks like it could use a decent scrubbing, though, then get ready to bust out that scrub brush – you’ll want to wash away any lingering wintry remains.

Start off by giving your deck a thorough sweeping with a heavy-duty corn broom. After that, pre-rinse the deck. Use a water pressure that’s strong enough to wash away debris but not so strong that it damages your deck surface.

Once the pre-washing is done, prepare your deck cleaner for a deeper clean. Depending on the type of deck you have (i.e., wood vs. composite), you’ll have to use a specific cleaner. If you’re not sure what materials your deck is made out of, consult a professional who can help you choose the right solution.


Everything You Need for Eid

These simple, easy-to-follow cleaning tips aren’t just great for holidays – they’re great for keeping your house in tiptop condition all year round.

Check back for more helpful blogs on the best cleaning hacks and tips, as we’re always updating our blog.