Deck and Patio Cleaning Tips

Summer calls for hanging out with friends or family outside on your deck or patio. However, it can be  hard to relax when your deck is covered in dirt, pollen, and stains. Prepare your outdoor space for the celebrations ahead! We’re here to make this summer fun and relaxing for you by giving a few tips on how to leave your deck or patio spotless. 

Prepping your space

No matter the surface, get your area ready by removing any furniture, grills, plants, or tables from your patio or deck. Clearing the space will help you clean more efficiently and effectively. 

While you are clearing your patio or deck, clean your furniture and cushions to prevent more dirt from getting on your surface. This will also help make the place look extra clean. Getting off that layer of pollen on your cushions and furniture will help tremendously with your allergies and make the place look brand new. 

Then, sweep off any debris, leaves, and twigs to and get the surface ready for a spray off or mopping.

Areas to Look Out For

If you happen to see spots that are black or brown in areas that are damp or shaded, you might  have mold. A quick remedy is to mix water with oxygen bleach and scrub your heart away. Using oxygen bleach is safer for your deck because it is environmentally safe, and won’t ruin any of your plants or flowers. It is also better than using chlorine bleach because it will not strip your deck and ruin the finish. Rinse with water to clear away the solution. If you have weeds creeping through the cracks in your patio or deck, you can pour boiling water on them and then use a spray bottle with vinegar. They will be gone in no time!


Concrete will be one of the easier cleans. Use a push broom to get off excess dirt and prep the area. Once the area is ready, get your hose and wash everything off. Use your favorite degreaser/cleaner with a rough surface deck brush to get up any stains. 

The rough surface deck brush is a crucial step to provide heavy-duty scrubbing power over rough and textured surfaces. Once the stains are off, rinse the concrete off again with the hose. Grab your squeegee and get off any excess water. SWOPT’s squeegee has a durable aluminum frame and flexible foam for use on both smooth and textured surfaces.


Wood decks require more maintenance to keep them looking clean throughout the changing weather. Maintaining your deck throughout the year will keep it in good condition and make it easier to deep clean. Grab your oxygen cleaner and warm water and scrub with a rough surface deck brush again. Let that sit on the wood for 15-20 minutes then rinse off. 

If there are still stains repeat this process until they are all gone. Then squeegee the area again and let everything dry off! Try to pick a nice day to clean your deck or patio so that it can dry completely out. After a day or two you can go back in with a stainer and sealer. 

And that’s it! You now have a deck or patio ready to show off to friends or family. SWOPT’s premium outdoor kit will give you all of the essentials you need this summer to keep clean. With the cleaning tips above you will have a spotless deck and a fun filled summer!