Fast Cleaning Tips for the Chronically Busy

Fast Cleaning Hacks for Those on the Go

Ferris Bueller was right: life does move pretty fast, and you very well could miss it if you don’t stop and look around once in a while. What Mr. Bueller probably couldn’t have guessed, though, is that this same principle applies fabulously to household cleaning habits. What this means is that your chore list can grow pretty quickly if you get too busy to cross anything off of it.

But therein lies the problem. How does one make time to clean when they’re constantly in motion (let alone have a life outside of whatever’s keeping them so busy)? The truth is, we’re not entirely sure ourselves, but we do have a few cleaning hacks handy for those who are always living life on the go.

Read on for SWOPT Cleaning’s favorite no-fuss cleaning tips that will keep your home sparkling with little time to spare.

Cleaning Tips That Deliver Real Results

Before we dive in, let’s lead with this: more frequent light cleaning translates to less deep cleaning over the long term. With this in mind, let’s explore the details here.

A Little Each Day Goes a Long Way

When you only have a little free time every day, using it to clean almost seems like a sin. Why would you, a hard worker, use your free time to work even harder? We understand this logic, but we’d also like to let you in on a secret: there’s no rule that says cleaning has to be hard. Crazy, right?

This means that even if you only have a few extra minutes every day (or every other day), use it to sweep, wipe, or do any other light cleaning task that doesn’t make you break a sweat. More importantly, having the right tools can make a world of difference as well. It’s like the difference between dusting with a regular duster and a microfiber dust mop; the latter is simply designed to trap more dirt and debris, thereby making your daily dusting go more easily and more quickly.

Keep the Cleaning Supplies on Deck

Think about it: you don’t keep the TV remote in a place that’s hard to reach, because quick and easy access is important. Applying this same principle to your cleaning supplies can make a world of difference when it comes to routine cleaning. We recommend keeping at least one major cleaning supply in every room of the house, as this will allow you to readily knock tasks off your cleaning to-do list when you’ve got a spare moment or two.

This is where keeping things organized (and putting things back as soon as you’re done using them) can make or break this hack. But if you’re more junk drawer than silverware tray when it comes to household organization, this may seem like an uphill battle. Fortunately, SWOPT can help with that: our homeowner system organizer kit helps you keep everything you need well within reach when you need it the most.

Clear Out the Fridge for Compost

In light of America’s food waste problem, composting has become a great way to make use of food your stomach did not get to make use of. Why throw out perishables when you can use them to fertilize your yard? Not only does composting improve and diversify the nutrients in your soil, but it has some other incredible environmental benefits as well.

However, you can turn this into a fun weekly family activity by getting your spouse, significant other, or kids involved. In the end, you’ll have a cleaned-out fridge and free fertilizer in a fraction of the time it would have taken you to do it alone. Talk about a win-win-win!

One Last Thing…

These cleaning hacks work great–but only as consistently as you implement them. Start slow by incorporating these hacks every other day and see how you’re feeling. Depending on your schedule and personal preferences, you could then adjust your frequency of cleaning. We hope you’ve learned something useful here, and don’t forget to check back for new blog posts!