How To Clean Outdoor Rugs

Are you getting ready to have people over on your patio or deck? Are your outdoor rugs looking dirty? We are going to give you the easiest way to effectively clean your rugs!

Best Types Of Rugs
A lot of rugs you see in stores claim they are indoor/outdoor rugs, but they will probably not last and stay in good condition. Some good materials to look for that will last are polypropylene and polyester. These materials can withstand the weather a lot better than other materials. The natural and synthetic fibers in the material help it last longer through rough weather conditions. 

How to Clean Outdoor Rugs
You will most likely have green mildew, dirt, or weather stains on your outdoor rugs, especially if they are resin or polyester woven. These materials are not as water resistant so they will need more scrubbing power. You will need a lot of baking soda, a deck brush, and a hose. 

  1. First soak your rug thoroughly with your hose
  2. Pour a good amount of baking soda onto the stained areas and make sure to use enough to cover the entire stain
  3. Scrub the dirt out with the deck brush in the same direction of the weave of your rug to prevent any fraying
  4. Rinse with the spray hose on a jet setting and repeat if needed

Why Clean My Outdoor Rug?
Cleaning your outdoor rugs is essential to keeping your place tidy as well as reducing any bacteria from growing. Too much dirt and moisture on your rugs, for a long period of time can lead to fungi growing on your outdoor rug. Scrubbing your outdoor rugs regularly will also help prevent mildew from getting out of hand and causing permanent damage to your rugs. Mildew can cause the rugs to discolor, smell, and even decompose. This is also important if you have other outdoor furniture sitting on top of your rugs. Keeping the rugs clean will help keep your furniture in great condition as well!

The stiff bristles on the deck brush provide heavy-duty scrubbing power over rough and textured surfaces. Helping you get out all of those stains and dirt that have been accumulating throughout the season. Our SWOPT deck brushes have powerful scrubbing power and you will not have to be scrubbing for hours to get your stains out!