How to Clean Your SWOPT System

Cleaning Your SWOPT System Hassle-Free

For those not in the know, what makes our SWOPT cleaning systems so great is their versatility and convenience. With interchangeable broom and mop heads that can fit both our 48” and 60” SWOPT handles, SWOPT cleaning systems are designed to help you clean more with fewer materials.

The good news is that taking care of your SWOPT system is as simple as using it. But if you’ve never cleaned a mop or broom head before, you might be curious how to go about it. Fortunately, we’re here to break down how to care for your SWOPT system according to mop or broom head.

How to Clean Different Mop and Broom Heads

When it comes to caring for your SWOPT broom or mop, you won’t need much else besides water and some form of soap. Of course, there are some key differences between caring for each kind, so keep reading to learn more.

Push Brooms

Because our push brooms are made with synthetic bristles, maintenance is a cinch. First, shake off any excess dust or dirt by gently hitting it on a post or trash can outside. Then, add a cup of white vinegar and a squirt of dish soap to a bucket of warm water and mix thoroughly. Let your push broom head soak in the mixture for half an hour and then rinse off with cool water afterward. Set the broom head upside down in a cool place to dry.

Corn Brooms

Corn broom bristles, on the other hand, can be a little trickier. While you’ll still use a warm water and dish soap combo to clean it (you can add a few drops of bleach to disinfect it, too), you’ll only want to soak the corn broom head for 15 minutes instead of 30. This is because water can weaken and rot the corn bristles, making them less effective over time.

Another tip: don’t leave your corn broom head to dry out in the sun. The sun can bleach the bristles and make them brittle, which will likely leave you on the market looking for a new corn broom.

Microfiber Dust Mops

Caring for your microfiber dust mop (or any microfiber mop, for that matter) is perhaps the easiest on our list. Simply remove your microfiber mop head or microfiber sweeper from the handle, pop it in the washing machine, and voila–it’s ready for another round of cleaning.

Please note that our cotton, cotton blend, and microfiber wet mop heads are also machine washable.

BONUS: Scrub Brushes

Don’t forget to show your scrub brush some love, too. Like our push brooms, our scrub brushes are designed with synthetic bristles for easy cleaning and maintenance. Also like our push brooms, you’ll use a white vinegar and warm water concoction to clean your scrub brush’s bristles. You can add some dish soap and bleach for a deeper clean and disinfectant properties as well.

However, you’ll want to let your brushes soak overnight in the solution before rinsing them off with cool water and letting them dry upside down. Since scrub brushes are typically used on outdoor surfaces, they take a heavier beating and will need some extra time to soak. Once they’re good to go, though, you can get scrubbing again.

More Than a Switchable Broom

With speed, convenience, and ease of use all rolled into a single cleaning system, there’s no reason why a SWOPT cleaning system shouldn’t be your next household investment. We take pride in crafting quality products that are designed to last, and we love hearing feedback and suggestions from our customers. Thanks for reading and don’t wait to grab your SWOPT system!