Which Broom Should I Use?

Do you use the same old broom for all of your sweeping? Brooms have different types of uses, depending on the surface you wish to clean. The bristle strength and material will help you determine which broom to use on your surface.

Angled brooms make it easy for you to get in small crevices and corners of your floor. The angled bristles help get up food and dirt easily. Perfect for cleaning up the kitchen. Using the head of the angled broom will help get in those tight areas around your appliances. Angled brooms are designed to clean those hard to reach places.

Corn brooms have bristles that are firm enough to be used for regular sweeping. Corn brooms give the right amount of strength and flexibility to get your job done. These brooms also have wiring around the top of the bristles to keep them from wiggling too much and keep their strength. Corn brooms are versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors. From sweeping the sidewalk to the kitchen floors!

Push brooms are best for cleaning large areas quickly. Push brooms can get the job done twice as fast as a regular angled broom. They are great at moving larger bits of debris off the floor. Push brooms are great for sweeping out your garage and are commonly used in supermarkets to sweep everything quickly.

Straight brooms have their bristles in alignment with the handle going straight down. Although they do not clean as much surface area as a push broom, they get the job done. The straight smooth surface bristles are best for picking up small particles, dust, and pet hair.

Scrub brushes are best used for areas like your deck and patio! Regular brooms have a sole purpose of cleaning up dust and dirt. A scrub broom has hard bristles for heavy-duty scrubbing power over rough and textured surfaces. These types of brooms are also perfect for your sidewalk and driveway.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of brooms and what they are best used for, check out our product line to find the best fit for your needs! Whether it is for your home, business, gift, etc. SWOPT has you covered!