Everything You Need to Know About Our Cleaning System

Do you ever wish you were more organized or had more time to tidy the place up? Our SWOPT universal locking mechanism allows cleaning heads to be quickly ‘SWOPT’ with the push of a button. Get cleaning done quick! First choose a head, then choose a handle, and get cleaning! The interchangeable system improves the overall cleaning experience.

System Organizer

SWOPT is great because all of your cleaning tools can stay organized and fit into a small space. It saves room by not having 5+ brooms packed into one closet. SWOPT will take your organization to the next level. Perfect for all types of homeowners for saving space, being organized, and starting your own collection of quality products. 

SWOPT has multiple different types of kits for whatever your needs may be. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • All-in-one Cleaning 
  • Homeowner Kit 
  • Premium Outdoor Kit
  • Standard Garage Kit
  • Wet Cleaning Kit
  • Apartment Living Kit

The SWOPT System Organizer can be hung over the door or screwed into the wall to organize your interchangeable cleaning system. The system organizer is included in our cleaning kits and makes cleaning a breeze. Our unique Twist & Lock design allows you to reposition the hangers to neatly organize your collection. Take back your closet with SWOPT organization!

Interchangeable Tools

Pick from either a wood or steel handle that comes in two different sizes: 48 inches or 60 inches. Then customize your SWOPT collection! Our cleaning heads work anywhere around the house, inside and out! Make cleaning outdoor decks and hard-to-reach indoor light fixtures easy, not stressful.

SWOPT works on almost all types of surfaces such as indoor tile and glass, and outdoor areas like concrete and wood. The handle does not twist loose and is sturdy when cleaning. We ensure you can SWOPT out your cleaning heads in seconds! You can rely on SWOPT for all of your cleaning needs, and that is why we give our customer’s a lifetime warranty for all of our products. 

The interchangeable system will make your life simpler and house cleaner. Get organized and find the kit that best fits your lifestyle. Snap, lock, and clean with SWOPT!